• Christina Aguilera is hotter than ever in a new photo
  • She poses as a redhead
  • 20 years after "Dirrty", she still looks great

Christina Aguilera (40) has gone through a huge change in the course of her career. The singer completely broke her sweet “Genie in a Bottle” image with her hit “Dirrty” many years ago. In tight outfits that left little to the imagination, she danced seductively in the boxing ring. Can you believe that was almost 20 years ago?? Since then, Christina has been a little bit more reserved with her image... 

But that might be over now - is she getting her “Dirrty” image back? Just a few weeks ago the singer posed topless on Instagram and her latest post has fans talking too... 

Christina Aguilera: Shows off hair transformation

Christina Aguilera posted a new Instagram post where she shows off a pretty sexy hair transformation. Wearing a black leather outfit, Xtina's showing off her cleavage along with a seductive look, pose and new gorgeous red hair. The 40-year-old looks incredible.

Of course, the singer's hair is particularly noticeable in the photo. We usually know her as a blonde, although she had black hair in the past. However, this look is new... Christina is now a redhead and we have to admit it looks pretty good on her!

Christina Aguilera has apparently transformed into the hot look for her new song with singers Becky G, Nathy Peluso and Nicki Nicole. In the accompanying music video, we will hopefully see Xtina in action in her hot new look.

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