• Christina Aguilera shows what she's got
  • She posts sexy photos for her birthday
  • Her fans are very excited

Christina Aguilera, who often shows her sexy side, shows what she has to offer in her new Instagram photos.

Christina Aguilera: Sexy birthday post

On the occasion of her birthday, which was December 18th, Christina Aguilera posted super revealing photos of herself. The singer looks seductively into the camera with shiny maroon trousers in a laid-back look, with a plunging corset and a black coat. 

Also interesting:

In addition, for the birthday look, she also wears gold sunglasses. Compared to previous posts, this look is almost more conservative for Christina. However, we still find the outfit very sexy.

Under the posts, the singer writes "Birthday Energy". Her fans are also enthusiastic about the photos. There are a number of birthday wishes for Christina Aguilera under the pictures, as well as countless compliments on her appearance. What a look!