• Sarah Hyland isn't a big fan of too much makeup
  • She prefers the natural look
  • The actress reveals her beauty secrets

Sarah Hyland, 31, revealed her beauty secrets while revealing she's never liked "a ton" of makeup. The beauty prefers to keep things as simple as possible. 

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine, the star said, "I’ve never been super into wearing a ton of makeup, purely because I can’t do it – I’m actually horrific at it. So I just try to keep everything as simple as possible: I’m a big brows, mascara, lip liner girl. If I’m seeing people, I’m definitely into no-makeup make-up. If I’m not seeing people, then absolutely nothing at all."

Sarah Hyland uses incense sticks

Sarah Hyland also shared that she would often use incense sticks to cleanse her aura of negative energy.

When asked if she ever lights candles and burns incense, Sarah Hyland joked, "You’re talking to a witch here. But yes I love sandalwood and dragon’s blood incense, those are my go-tos- I also really love the scent of cedar as well."

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