• Kim Kardashian is admired for her looks by young women worldwide
  • In high school, the beautiful brunette looked very different
  • The throwback photo shows Kim Kardashian before the cosmetic surgeries

Kim Kardashian (42) has already had a number of cosmetic surgeries - that's no secret. Nevertheless, the reality star is a real eye-catcher. But did you know what Kim looked like before the surgeries? 

Kim Kardashian: Already a real eye-catcher

On her Instagram Story, Kim Kardashian reposted a throwback photo of herself and her friends and wrote: "high school days #lifers.” You can find the snapshot above in the video. The reality TV face is almost unrecognizable in the photo. Even then she was very pretty and without too much makeup.

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Kim Kardashian used to be a true natural beauty. Today she is considered a world-renowned style icon whose look is copied by many young women.