• Liz Hurley posing in bikini
  • Her fans are enthusiastic
  • She looks INCREDIBLE at 57

For Liz Hurley (57) it's apparently summer all year round. At least, that's what you might think when you look at her Instagram profile, because countless snapshots in swimwear are displayed there. Now Liz makes her fans weak again in stunning bikini.

Liz Hurley shows her hammer body in bikini

Liz Hurley poses in front of the camera in a bright turquoise swimsuit this time. The bikini bottoms could hardly be skimpier! But also her top has it all going on, and gives the actress the perfect cleavage shot.

In a second photo, the Brit shows off her toned backside. With her loose, wavy hair, Liz becomes one of the hottest beach babes.

It's hard to believe that she is 57 years old!. Fans are also thrilled with the sexy post. "My God, you are a timeless beauty," or "Still beautiful and radiant," can be read in the comments.

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