• Emily Ratajkowski is one of the hottest models
  • On Instagram, she likes to be revealing
  • Her latest photo series is so sexy

Emily Ratajkowski (31), who was involved in rumours of love with Brad Pitt (58), can't help it. Again and again, she inspires us with sexy photos. This time the model takes it one step further - and the result is definitely something to be in awe of.

Emily Ratajkowski poses from behind

Model Emily Ratajkowski is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. The brunette beauty knows her femininity above all and shows off her toned body in a bikini. She likes to share her sexiness with her fans, especially on social media.

In her latest post, Emily can be seen mostly from behind, which her followers absolutely don't mind. In skimpy bikinis, 31-year-old presents her well-trained butt.

In the first picture of the photo series, you can see the model standing outdoors where she reveals a lot of skin...

The star has her hair up, which shows us more of her beautiful back. By the way, Emily advertises her lingerie label Inamorata in these photos.

Also interesting:

She wears sexy lace-up high heels with the hot bikini. She posted these photos in honour of an online sale for her brand.