• Emily Ratajkowski launches a perfume
  • And she looks extremely seductive
  • Her cleavage is not to be overlooked

Emily Ratajkowski (32) uses Instagram to inspire her fans with breathtaking photos. In a cream-colored dress that perfectly showcases her figure, the model not only presents a new fragrance on Wednesday evening but also her unmistakable beauty.

Worth seeing:

Emily Ratajkowski is pure seduction

The outfit of choice, a cream dress with thin straps, impressively emphasizes Emily Ratajkowski's chest and flatters her slim figure. The backless design emphasizes her curves, while her smoky eye makeup and carefully styled hair frame her face.

A seductive look into the camera while she launches the perfume on the second slide in the post rounds off the glamorous, but above all very sexy look.

Emily Ratajkowski wants 2024 to be "A more private approach"

In addition to her work as a model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski is also known for her open and honest nature. In her podcast 'High Low with EmRata', she regularly shares insights into her life.

She recently revealed that she would like more privacy and time for personal development in 2024. "I would like this year to be a bit more private in the sense that I want to do a lot of internal work on myself," she told 'PopSugar'.

2023 was a year full of fun and work for Emily Ratajkowski, but at the same time she realized that she had less time for reading and more time on platforms like TikTok. For the coming year, she plans to return to a quieter, more introspective space.

Hopefully, for her Instagram followers, this means she'll be posting more of these stunning snaps in the future, not less.

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