• Emma Watson advertises for Prada
  • She shows a lot of skin
  • This is how sexy the actress is

Emma Watson (34) is not only a terrific actress, but also a fashionista. In 2023, she surprised her fans with stunning pictures!

Emma Watson: Unusually sexy

Emma Watson's style is more chic than sexy, but she showed a completely different side of herself on Instagram. In her post, the "Hermione" actress wears an orange mullet skirt that is almost dangerously short at the front and shows off her long legs.

The Hollywood beauty combines the skirt with a black bandeau top with the Prada symbol on the chest. The brand can also be read on Emma's black bag, which she waves casually in her hand.

The activist wears white sandals with heels to match the lettering. Her hair is stunning in a down wet look. We rarely see Emma Watson this sexy!

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