• Eva Longoria shows herself in a white blouse
  • Underneath, she goes without a bra
  • She looks incredible

The fact that Eva Longoria (49) once began her career in Hollywood as an advertising model comes as no surprise when we see new photos from her recent shoot. The actress shows jewelry like a professional model. The 'Desperate Housewives' star is wearing a white blouse with nothing underneath.

That's how much they have changed:

Eva Longoria sexy as ever

Shortly after Eva Longoria had one of the most revealing Oscar looks on the red carpet in Hollywood, she followed it up with a seductive jewelry shoot. "Luminaire bright," the actress captions the candid series of pictures she shares on Instagram.

In fact, her silver necklace, bracelets, rings and earrings are all stunning. They sparkle and shine in the open air and are the highlight of Eva Longoria's look at first glance.

But at second glance, you can clearly see that the actress is not wearing a bra under her white blouse and doesn't seem to mind that, depending on the pose, you can see quite a lot of skin from her bare bust in the shots.

More about Eva Longoria:

The reactions of her ten million followers are clear: "Stunning" and "Stylish as always", are some of the comments. Eva Longoria manages to combine style and sexiness effortlessly.

Eva Longoria proves time and time again with breathtaking pictures that she has rightly won the title of the Sexiest Woman Alive. What a woman!