• Georgina Rodríguez shares photos of her leisurely walk
  • Her daughter is with her but goes unnoticed
  • All eyes are drawn to Georgina

Born in April 2022, Bella Esmeralda is Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo's youngest child.

Georgina recently posted adorable new pictures of her little one – although something in particular caught everyone's attention.

Her latest series of Instagram photos showcased sweet moments of Bella enjoying a lovely walk with her mom, Georgina. Nevertheless, the initial photo predominantly highlights the incredibly fit mom, capturing her from behind.

Also interesting: 

Georgina's shapely derrière is perfectly highlighted in those snug shorts, and her followers couldn't help but comment on the stunning display.

"Mom is in top condition", Reads one of the comments, acknowledging Georgina's fitness.

It's no secret that Georgina enjoys showing off her athletic toned figure. The Latina always looks irresistible.