• Heidi Klum shines in hot looks
  • A new shoot is particularly hot
  • THIS outfit has it all

On social media, Heidi Klum (50) shares time and again sexy snapshots of herself and really heats up her fans. At the same time, she also relies on lots of freedom of movement and breathtaking looks. Most recently she appeared stunningly beautiful in Cannes.

In a new post, she shows the result of a hot photo shoot.

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Heidi Klum in a feather look: She wears NOTHING underneath

Heidi Klum stood in front of the camera for the famous 'People' magazine and presented several stunning outfits. The absolute highlight is a white dress made of countless feathers that elegantly covers the model's body. The dreamlike shooting location quickly becomes a minor matter with this stunning sight.

A closer look reveals that Heidi is wearing absolutely nothing under the transparent fabric - no bra or underpants, not even a pair of briefs. However, the feathers cover enough so that you can't see too much. Nevertheless, the whole sight is incredibly hot and with her lascivious look, the model is pure seduction.

In a short backstage clip, which the 50-year-old also posted, you can see that she was clearly having fun during the shoot. Apparently she felt very comfortable in this look and had a lot of fun during the photoshoot. The end result is definitely something to be proud of and proves once again: Heidi Klum can wear anything!