• Heidi Klum in a transparent look
  • She confidently strikes a pose
  • Klum looks super hot

As a seasoned model, Heidi Klum (50) is accustomed to donning unconventional attire, yet her latest ensemble has left fans breathless. In her feature for 'Glamour,' Klum boldly embraces a transparent outfit that leaves little to the imagination.

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Heidi Klum heats things up in new photo

At the upper portion, the black garment featuring see-through fabric delicately covers Heidi's essentials, adorned with shiny appliqués strategically placed over her breasts. Meanwhile, at the lower end, a hint of cheeky charm is revealed as the string of her thong peeks out in the picture.

However, what truly sets this look apart is not just its transparency, but Heidi's styling choices. Opting for a departure from flashy makeup, the model embraces a more natural aesthetic. Subtle touches of eyeshadow, gloss, and bronzer grace her face, enhancing her features with understated elegance.

Heidi Klum embraces the "less is more" philosophy with her choice of accessories, opting for a simple gold charm bracelet as her sole adornment. Her straight hair is elegantly styled away from her face, with darker strands adding depth to her blonde mane.

Klum shares the picture just in time for the new season of 'Germany's Next Topmodel,' which premiered in February. This season marks a significant shift as Heidi expands the competition to include male contestants alongside females. As a result, the season finale will crown both a male and a female 'GNTM' winner.

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