• Kesha posts hot pictures
  • She presents her backside
  • She looks SO good

Kesha (37) became world-famous in 2009 with her song "Tik Tok". Even back then, she liked to give fans a glimpse into her sexy side with her looks and performances. The singer has remained true to her image over the years!

Kesha shows her butt in a thong

Kesha shares photos of herself on Instagram that have it all. In a sexy look, she is promoting her new song "Joyride" - which is sure to get her noticed.

In an all-blue outfit, matching the Slurpee that she licks from a cup, Kesha shows off her great body.

In a top and matching thong, which she wears over tights, she puts her backside on full display. Red lipstick, black sunglasses and black over the knee boots make the ensemble even hotter.

Kesha poses for photos with her fans, who are visibly delighted. "Keep your eyes on the road" she writes in the caption. This might be a little difficult for some people at this sight.

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