• Elizabeth Hurley is having fun on vacation in the Maldives
  • The actress appears in a skimpy bikini
  • She is proud of her hot figure

WOW! Elizabeth Hurley (57) seems to be really relaxed and happy at the moment. With her video greeting from the Maldives, she makes us all jealous. In a skimpy bikini, the Hollywood star jumps and dances around in the sea.

Liz Hurley is having fun in the sea

Actress Elizabeth Hurley is still a head-turner. She wears a skimpy bikini in the video - just as turquoise as the water around her. There are silver stones on the upper part, which make the mermaid look even more authentic.

In addition, the beautiful brunette wears slightly colored sunglasses through which her blue eyes shimmer. She wears her long hair down and natural. 

Liz bounces along the beach in her hot body, swinging her hips and playing with the camera. The song "Ring" by Selena Gomez (30) plays in the background. The actress does not show her age in any way.

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All the other comments under her post are positive. Someone writes: "You are the most beautiful woman on this planet". Someone else: "You can't be serious! How does she do it?”

We hope Elizabeth Hurley enjoys her vacation!