• Emily Ratajkowski poses in a bathrobe
  • She only wears panties underneath
  • She shows off her cleavage

After lighting up the Met Gala with her sheer elegance, Emily Ratajkowski decided to give her fans an exclusive peek into her after-party antics, and let's just say, she did not disappoint! The model and actress, known for her fearless fashion choices, took to Instagram to share a series of snaps that left little to the imagination and a lot to talk about.

Sexy ladies:

Martini moments and daring poses

In one snapshot, Emily is the epitome of relaxation and luxury, lounging in a white bathrobe with a martini glass in hand, casually nibbling on olives. But it's the next image that truly turned heads and set tongues wagging. Perched atop a sink, legs boldly spread in a pose that screams confidence, Emily chats on the phone as if it's just another Tuesday.

The casual audacity of the pose, combined with her unapologetic gaze in another photo where she flaunts her cleavage, has fans and followers showering her with praise.

As expected, the comments section of her Instagram exploded with adoration. "A real beauty" and "Your man is lucky to have you" were just some of the words used by her legion of followers, delighted by her daring to reveal the unglamorous yet glamorous reality of post-gala wind-downs. It's clear that Emily knows how to keep the party going, even after the party's officially over.

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