• Jason Momoa has parted with some of his hair
  • The actor shaved his sides bald
  • That's where he got his tattoo

Jason Momoa (43) surprises his fans with shaved hair and a special tattoo. It's no secret that the Game of Thrones star is a huge tattoo fan. There are already a few motifs on his body, most of which are tributes to his native Hawaii.

And his latest tattoo also has a Hawaiian background. This is a tribal pattern in the form of a band with Hawaiian characters. For this work of art, he chose a very special part of the body.

Jason Momoa shows off his new head tattoo

Jason Momoa shares a video on Instagram in which he is about to get on a plane.

Then he takes off his hat and presents the shaved side of his head, where his new tattoo can be seen from the base of his forehead to his neck. Jason Momoa shaved off his hair to protect the oceans in early September.

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