• Jennifer Aniston And Sandra Bullock were seen together
  • They were spotted leaving a plastic surgery office
  • The place is known for facelifts and rhinoplasty

Greenwich, Connecticut - It's no ordinary day when A-listers Jennifer Aniston (55, Actress), Sandra Bullock (59, Actress), and Amanda Anka (55, Actress and Jason Bateman's wife) are caught on a group outing. But it's not brunch these ladies are after—it's beauty! Spotted leaving the prestigious Retreat At Split Rock, the trio has the rumor mill spinning: Are they indulging in a $100K face-lift or just a simple Botox touch-up? 

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Celebrity surgery tourism takes flight

They say beauty knows no bounds, and these Los Angeles darlings prove it! Why stick to Beverly Hills when you can jet-set to Connecticut for that top-notch nip and tuck? Dr. Neil A Gordon, the maestro of facial rejuvenation, must be wielding some serious magic to lure the stars across the country!

Aniston, the 'Friends' icon, rocked a floppy hat, possibly to shield any post-procedure signs, while Bullock, the 'Bullet Train' sensation, strutted in a puffy jacket and her signature dark shades. Anka, a vision in cherry red, kept it cool and makeup-free. Their fashion? Low-key. Their mission? Top-secret beauty!

The retreat's promise: A fresh face for the famous

The Retreat At Split Rock isn't just any clinic—it's a beauty fortress offering everything from forehead lifts to fat-melting Kybella. Could this be the fountain of youth for our favorite celebs?

Despite their hush-hush exit, none of the stars have publicly confessed to cosmetic enhancements. Aniston once declared injectables "ridiculous" on her, while Bullock brushed off swollen Oscar looks as mere allergies. And Anka? She's the silent enigma in this beauty tale.

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