• Jennifer Lopez posts some sexy pics
  • She wears a hot bra in them
  • Her décolleté inspires fans

Jennifer Lopez (53) blows us all away once again! The Latina recently posted some photos of herself in her pajamas on Instagram. But if you expect a comfortable outfit, you will be deceived.

Jennifer Lopez shows off her sexy lace bra

Jennifer Lopez wears a sexy black lace bra under her black robe. She opens the robe to reveal her décolleté. The singer also wears a pair of black silk pajama bottoms.

She poses thoughtfully for the camera with a pen and pad. The actress wears her hair loose and her gorgeous makeup completes the look. A special eye-catcher: A chain with the inscription "Mrs." dangles around her neck.

In the last photo of the series, she shows off her cleavage in a close-up photo. Even the sexy lace of the bra doesn't distract from the sight.

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Did Jennifer Lopez's husband Ben Affleck (50) take the sexy photos of her? The look is definitely one of her most beautiful fashion moments.