• Katy Perry attends Coachella
  • She wears a revealing look
  • But something else stands out

Katy Perry (39) always makes a splash at the Coachella Festival, and this year was no exception. Katy stood out in a series of Instagram photos sporting a more relaxed and baggy look.

Cool outfits:

Hot pose: Katy Perry stands out with this

In one of the snapshots, Katy Perry's pants hang so low that her entire bottom, including her thong, is on display. Despite the daring fashion choice, she exudes confidence as she strolls along the street, sporting a leather jacket and sunglasses, casting a casual glance over her shoulder at the camera.

Despite Katy Perry's daring fashion choice, what would typically garner gasps from fans barely causes a stir in the comments. The reason lies in another picture tucked further back in the series: Katy dons a 'Lord of the Rings' shirt, featuring a prominent print of her partner Orlando Bloom's face.

This gesture not only showcases Katy's support for her partner but also reveals her inner fantasy fangirl. Followers rejoice in the comments over the "Legolas" shirt, expressing excitement at Katy's playful tribute. Speculation swirls as to whether we might soon see Orlando Bloom sporting a T-shirt adorned with Katy Perry's face in return.

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