• Kylie Jenner opens up about the harsh realities of fame
  • She cries after internet trolls roast her pictures
  • The internet criticizes her appearance

In the latest episode of 'The Kardashians,' Kylie Jenner (26, Entrepreneur and Reality TV Star) breaks down in tears, revealing the emotional toll of internet trolling. The incident that sparked this emotional outpouring was a series of unfiltered photos taken at Paris Fashion Week. Critics, including some cosmetic professionals, were quick to comment on her appearance, suggesting she looked "old" and speculated on her use of fillers.

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Kylie's Confession: "I just hear nasty things about myself all the time," Kylie confessed. The young star opened up about the constant scrutiny she faces, highlighting a no-win situation where she's criticized for both wearing too much makeup and not enough. What hurt her most were comments about her face, particularly the natural lines on her cheeks, which she's had since childhood.

Support from Kendall

 Amidst her vulnerability, Kylie found a sympathetic ear in her sister, Kendall Jenner. The conversation took a darker turn as Kylie pondered, "Why do people think it’s OK to talk about me?" Kendall echoed the sentiment, pointing out the dehumanization they face, emphasizing that such harsh scrutiny wouldn't be acceptable if directed at other women.

Despite the hurt, Kylie's story is one of resilience. She shared her journey towards embracing a more natural look, even dissolving half of her lip fillers. Yet, the criticism persists, underscoring the relentless pressure and unrealistic beauty standards women, especially those in the public eye, face.

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