• Leni Klum goes topless
  • It's not often we see her like this
  • This photo causes fans' jaws to drop

Since Leni Klum (19) started her modeling career, she has surprised her fans with one stunning shot after another. But with the latest snapshot, she brings out the big guns.

Leni Klum almost naked: she poses topless

The 19-year-old looks confidently into the camera. Her hair is blowing wildly back. As if this sight did not generate enough enthusiasm, Leni wears nothing under her beige jacket.

The model needs both hands to be able to cover at least the most necessary parts of her breasts. Nevertheless, enough flashes out to make fans swoon over the image.

"Hot, Hotter, Leni" or "Stunning", can be read next to countless flame emojis in the comments section. 

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