• Leni Klum is super fit
  • She has a six pack
  • She proudly shows it off

As an up-and-coming model, Leni Klum's (19) body is her main asset. She seems to train it with a lot of exercise, which gives her a killer six-pack. In a new Instagram story, Leni's abs are particularly visible. 

Hot shot: Leni Klum flexes her muscles

In the photo she lies in a white bikini on a boat. She poses casually for the camera and tenses her belly. The sight is sure to drive some fans wild. Leni puts the focus here especially on her abs, which she has seemingly oiled a bit for tanning. 

Leni Klum vacationing by the sea

With her hair tied back and sunglasses on, the model is ready for a day at sea. Surely she was with dad Flavio Briatore and his family, who she is currently spending a lot of time with in Italy. 

With this sight, it would not be surprising if the 'Sports Illustrated' soon knocks on the daughter of Heidi Klum (50). 

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