• Elizabeth Hurley shared a new bikini video
  • She poses in a tiny black swimsuit
  • It's the 56-year-old's latest on Instagram

Elizabeth Hurley is once again grabbing the attention of her fans on Instagram. The model and actress, 56, often posts revealing photos, and she's done it again — this time in a black bikini.

Elizabeth Hurley's latest Instagram is sensational

Liz Hurley really blew her followers away with this one. On Instagram, she lies poolside in a black bikini that can't get any tighter.

Elizabeth Hurley

Hurley's Instagram post is actually a quick video, which shows her lounging for a few seconds by the water. "When filming wraps for the day," she wrote.

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Hurley continues to impress with her daring looks now in her mid-50s. "The most beautiful woman in the world," commented one admirer. "Absolutely stunning," added another.

In the photo comments, a fan even joked about Elizabeth Hurley's famous ex: "Hugh Grant must kick himself every day."

And the star really does keep the steamy pictures coming. Her 2.3 million Instagram followers see eye-catching bikini shots of Hurley on the regular.