• Madonna's daughter Lourdes posts music video
  • In the clip she is completely naked
  • Homage to Madonna?

With her new music video for the song "Spelling", Madonna's (65) daughter Lourdes (26) creates a Halloween mood. At the same time, the clip is reminiscent of the legendary video for Madonna's hit "Frozen".

Lourdes poses nude: Sexy and creepy

In the music video, Lourdes walks through a forest in black clothing, transforms into a bird, then into a dog - and finally stands there naked. Lourdes' skin shimmers in the (artificial) moonlight, while her long black hair falls elegantly down her back.

Sexy red carpet moments:

The video looks creepy and sexy at the same time. Lourdes demonstrates that she has not only inherited her famous mother's creativity but also her talent for masterful direction.

Lourdes' music video: A tribute to her mother Madonna

Lourdes' latest video draws clear inspiration from Madonna's iconic "Frozen" music video, and it's no accident. “This piece is very special,” wrote the singer. “It’s an homage to my mother’s timeless piece of art, "Frozen," she wrote.

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In "Spelling," Lourdes reaffirms her comfort in expressing herself openly for the camera.  Surely her fans can anticipate more captivating and candid moments from this emerging artist in the future.