• Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly dressed up
  • Megan Fox reveals topless photos

Megan Fox (36) likes to present herself freely, this is nothing new. But you don't usually get a glimpse behind the scenes of how make-up can be done shirtless by the attractive actress. 

Megan Fox shows her cleavage

Well, who recognizes what these two disguised themselves as? Megan Fox portrays the sexy version of "Zelda" from The Legend of Zelda video game and her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly (32) is the game character "Link". But where are the topless pictures of Megan?

In the third picture of Megan Fox's Instagram photo series, you can see the hot Transformers lead actress in the mask. In the photo she just covers the essentials with her hand.

Several shots show Megan Fox's plump cleavage, which her fans get to see in five photos! You can tell she is definitely feeling herself in this look.

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