• Megan Fox is one of the sexiest women in the world
  • She likes to show off her looks to her fans
  • The actress now shows herself in a skin-tight top on Instagram

If anyone knows how to be sexy, it's Megan Fox (35). Whether she wears a sexy dominatrix corset or a completely see-through dress, the actress likes to show what she's got. Megan shares a new snap on Instagram where she can be seen in a rather covered look - but only at first glance...

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Busting Out! Megan Fox poses in an ultra-tight top

Megan Fox poses in an oversized orange and blue patterned pantsuit in her new photos. We are actually not used to so much material from the 35-year-old. But Megan Fox wouldn't be Megan Fox if she didn't add a touch of sexiness to her look. Incidentally, she wore this look to a basketball game in Ohio with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. 

Under the blazer, she wears a skin-tight top, which is more reminiscent of a bando, because the top doesn't cover much. The 35-year-old shows off her cleavage in a super sexy way. Megan smiles at the camera!

The actress completes her look with a bright orange bag, high heels, eye-catching make-up, and her long brown hair. Megan Fox proves once again why she is one of the sexiest women in the world.