• Daniela Ruah shows her six-pack in a bikini
  • The NCIS: L.A. star is ULTRA sexy

Even though it's fall right now, the temperature in L.A. hasn't seemed to have cooled down yet. At least that's what Daniela Ruah's new post on Instagram suggests as the NCIS: L.A. actress presents herself in a daring bikini.

NCIS: L.A. star Daniela Ruah in a knit hat and bikini

There is nothing unusual about the photo except the setting is astonishing. Daniela sat down in her two-piece bikini next to some pumpkins and wore a beanie.

Also interesting:

"When it's fall, but you're in LA... Pumpkins and bikinis. Sweater weather, where are you???,”, she wrote about the unusual mixture of themes in her photo. Thanks to the warm weather Daniela sunbathes and shows off her toned abdomen and her long legs posing elegantly. With this sight, we can't help but wish summer lasted longer!

Get some sexy summer vibes with Daniela in our video above.