We know Daniela Ruah from NCIS: LA as agent "Kensi Blye." 

Together with "Deeks" and the team, she solves every case and always looks great doing it. The 37-year-old is also known for her great bikini body, which she often shows off on her Instagram page.

NCIS: LA actress Daniela Ruah posts pictures in a bikini

On social media, Ruah posts not only fun snapshots from behind the scenes on NCIS: LA but also her looks in a swimsuit. Whether she's in the pool or sunbathing, these recent photos definitely belong in the hottest bikini pics of the stars.

Daniela Ruah is not only an actress but also a mother of two children. The Hollywood star effortlessly balances family life and her career, as many of her Instagram pictures show.

It's also nearly time for Ruah and NCIS: LA to return for season 13. So far, we know that Linda Hunt's "Hetty" will have a bigger role again in the new season, which debuts on Oct. 10.