• Khloé Kardashian faces photoshop accusations
  • Fans notice her legs look different
  • She claps back

After posting a yacht pic that had fans doing a double-take, Khloé's response to Photoshop fail accusations is nothing short of iconic. "lol that's my legs. I have two different legs," she quipped, revealing her surgeries and embracing her uniqueness. 

Earlier this week, Khloé graced our feeds with a stunning yacht snap, but sharp-eyed followers were quick to call out her "mismatched" limbs. Without missing a beat, Khloé fired back, "They will be different. And one of them has had 3 knee surgeries but I love them." Talk about a mic drop moment!

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Fans crave the "original" Khloé

The saga didn't end there. Fans, hungry for unfiltered content, pressed the reality star for a "natural unedited pic." Ever the sass queen, Khloé had the perfect retort, "Search her on google. Don’t try and be slick here ."


A history of photoshop fails?

It's no secret that Khloé has faced her fair share of editing accusations. From a face-tuning fiasco in March to a waist-whittling wonder in October 2022, the internet has been relentless. Even her cat wasn't spared from the Facetune frenzy!

Through it all, Khloé remains unbothered and unapologetically herself. Whether it's embracing her surgeries or facing off with fans, she's a testament to self-love and resilience. In a world where perfection is prized, Khloé's honesty is a breath of fresh air.

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