• Rebel Wilson shares new vacation pics
  • One of them shows the actress in a bathtub
  • She is wearing nothing

Rebel Wilson (42) is overjoyed with her new girlfriend Ramona– and you can see how truly happy the actress really is. On social media, she shares great photos from her trip to Turkey. However, one image particularly stands out due to its sensuality. 

Rebel Wilson super hot - Bath foam covers the essentials

In addition to pictures in a chic evening dress and sporty outfit, Rebel Wilson posts a photo that shows her completely naked. The actress enjoys herself in a bathtub – without clothes on, of course.

Only the lavish bath foam covers what is absolutely necessary. After the actress's weightloss this past year, it is more than obvious that the Australian feels very comfortable in her own skin.

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As she explains below the pictures, the bathtub is located in a hotel in an ancient cave in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. "ll be honest - im struggling to look at anything else except you," her Senior Year co-star Avantika Vandanapu commented on the photo. And we have to agree!