• Rita Ora looks seductive
  • She wears a blazer without a bra
  • There is a lot to see

Rita Ora (33) is undoubtedly one of the UK's most revealing pop stars. Whether in a transparent corsage or a skin-tight one-piece - the "For You" singer likes to show a lot of skin.

Now she has once again posed provocatively for a new issue of 'Grazia UK' magazine. The 33-year-old poses in a blazer without a bra, showing off her sexy sideboob.

Worth seeing:

Rita Ora shows off her bust size without a bra

Rita Ora posed like a professional model during the photo shoot. She seems to have felt really comfortable, confidently showing her best side - and without a bra.

Rita is wearing nothing at all under her blazer. On the one hand, this reveals her super flat stomach and on the other hand, it gives a small glimpse of her perfectly shaped breasts.

Her fans are enthusiastic in the comments column. "Natural beauty" and "stunning"  are some of the comments from her 16 million followers. Rita Ora is wearing very natural make-up in the picture, which is a stark contrast to her eye-catching stage looks.

Most recently Rita Ora made her fans sweat in a skimpy bikini or skillfully staged herself in briefs and cowboy boots. What a woman!

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