The enchanting Salma Hayek (55) is turning fans' heads once again. For the premiere of the new film House of Gucci, the gorgeous actress made her way to New York. There she stepped out in an incredible outfit complete with a lot of cleavage...

Salma Hayek in an elegant tight Gucci dress

Salma Hayek shared her new photo on Instagram where she is wearing an elegant dark blue dress by Gucci, which is partly made of velvet.

But it is not so much the fabric that attracts attention, but rather the area that is not covered by it. The 55-year-old is not stingy when it comes to showing off her cleavage and she skillfully stages her stunning body in this ensemble.

Salma Hayek doesn't seem relaxed

However, we can't help but notice that maybe Salma Hayek doesn't feel that comfortable in her skin-tight look. Her gaze seems a little tense, almost concentrated. Was her outfit maybe a little too tight?

One can only hope that the chic Gucci ensemble hasn't made it difficult or uncomfortable for the actress to breathe so she was able to enjoy the film premiere to the fullest.

At the premiere of House of Gucci in London, Salma sparkled with an extravagant gold dress. In New York, however, she stayed true to her style and inspired her followers.