• Jamie Lee Curtis poses for British Vogue
  • A six-pack is seen under her dress
  • Over 60 and SO sexy

Jamie Lee Curtis (64) is very active on Instagram. One post, in particular, is currently drawing everyone's attention: The actress poses in a black, semi-transparent dress for British Vogue.

In the dress, you can clearly see Jamie Lee Curtis' well-trained stomach as her abs are visible!

Jamie Lee Curtis impresses with this revealing look

What an eye-catcher! Jamie Lee Curtis wore a half-black, half-transparent Tom Ford dress for the shoot. The dress is cut in such a way that her décolleté and bust size are shown off wonderfully.

The see-through neckline leads further down and lets the view slide to her six-pack. Yes, Jamie Lee Curtis is 64 and yes, she has a six-pack – that's how fit everyone wants to look in their sixties.

The dress is also cut wide on the legs. If you have a figure like Jamie Lee Curtis, you shouldn't have to hide your body under any circumstances. The large, eye-catching bangles on the left and right make the look even more dramatic and classy.

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Her hair shines in her typical signature look: the cheeky short haircut in shiny silver-grey. This makes the Hollywood star look natural and self-confident.

The actress leans slightly on one of the four pillars in the picture for the photo. This was shot by none other than the English photographer and film director Greg Williams (50).

In her caption, Jamie Lee Curtis thanks the entire team for making this shoot possible. With the look, it must have been a real pleasure for everyone present to have the Hollywood actress in front of the camera.