• 'Sex and the City' star Kristin Davis faces criticism
  • She had to take a lot of ridicule
  • The reason for this was her Botox treatments

'Sex and the City' star Kristin Davis (58) had to endure some hate after the reboot of the series in 2021. The beautiful actress had lip fillers done that greatly changed her look.

'Sex and the City' Kristin Davis: "I've had filler done and it was bad"

Kristin Davis' Botox treatments caused her to lack strong facial expressions on 'Sex and the City,' which is fatal in the acting industry. For this, Davis said she was "mocked relentlessly", which hurt her tremendously.

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The Hollywood star has already had several treatments with Botox, with varying results. "I have had fillers done and it was good, and I have had fillers done and it was bad," the "Charlotte" actress confessed to the 'Telegraph'. 

She had taken the criticism very much to heart: "I had to have the fillers dissolved and was mocked relentlessly. And I shed some tears because of it. It was very stressful."

However, she says she has learned from this hard experience, and wants to embrace her own naturalness more in the future.