• Lily-Rose Depp bares it all
  • She poses for a magazine
  • She is almost naked

Lily-Rose Depp (23), the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, causes a stir with her most recent photos. The actress poses for i-D magazine quite revealingly. The 23-year-old shows almost everything.

Lily-Rose Depp poses almost naked for a magazine shoot

Lily-Rose Depp shares a glimpse into her hot shoot on Instagram. Right on the cover, it gets down to business: She shows herself topless. The beauty is only photographed in jeans.

Among other things, she shows herself in a completely transparent dress, where she only wears panties underneath. You definitely get a glimpse of her nipples in that shot. The 23-year-old is breaking barriers in fashion with this stunning shoot.

The last snapshot is particularly hot again: Almost without anything covering her, Lily-Rose Depp poses in bikini panties – it really couldn't be more revealing. On full display are her model body, her pretty face, and her resemblance to her famous mom.

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