• Kristen Stewart goes braless 
  • She also wears micro shorts
  • For new photoshoot

Kristen Stewart has been delighting fans with her recent style choices during the promotion of her film 'Love Lies Bleeding', embracing the "method dressing" trend — immersing herself in her character's persona to enhance the film's promotion. Her latest ensembles seamlessly reflect her role as a gym manager from the 1980s, complete with the tiniest shorts, staying true to her character's aesthetic.

Sexy ladies:

Stewart's sizzling shoot: Braless confidence and playful poses 

For the cover of the Spring issue of 'Who What Wear,' Stewart flaunts the most revealing ensembles, and the highlight? She confidently goes braless in some of the shots! The magazine has also shared behind-the-scenes footage showcasing the star's playful poses for the camera.

In the video, the actress transitions from a short white dress with sexy cut-outs at the back. Then, she switches into a pink silk set, peeking out through a door, and delighting us all with her stunning derrière!

Stewart exudes undeniable confidence and allure, not only through her daring wardrobe choices but also through her newfound openness in recent interviews.

There's nothing more attractive than being content with one's life, and Kristen Stewart epitomizes just that.

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