• New video from Liz Hurley
  • She poses in the pool
  • Hurley looks so hot

At 58, Liz Hurley boasts her own swimwear line and personally models the creations. It's hardly surprising that the actress possesses the expertise to present herself in the most flattering way in bikinis. In a recent Instagram video, she effortlessly demonstrates just that.

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Liz Hurley in the pool - what a sight!

Liz Hurley is captured in an indoor pool, thoroughly enjoying herself. The brunette engages in swimming, relaxation, and playful water splashing, all while striking playful poses for the camera.

The actress dons a red bikini that accentuates her athletic figure, and the remarkable fact that the two-piece remains securely in place during her water activities is truly noteworthy.

In the comments section, numerous fans express their astonishment at Liz's seemingly ageless appearance. One user remarks, "At 60 most hotties in their 20's cannot even compete with you in looks."

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