• Sofia Vergara is a bombshell
  • Who wouldn't kill to look like this at 50?
  • We show you her most dashing pictures

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is one of the hottest women Hollywood has ever seen. In 2022 the actress turned 50 and she looks as fabulous as ever, she demonstrates that age is just a number. We show how stunning she is in the video above. Let's see some of the Colombian actress' best photoshoots! 

These are Sofia Vergara's hottest photos

The "Gloria Pritchett" actress from the hit show Modern Family has wowed us for decades. She began her career as a model and had the whole industry wrapped around her finger.

In all these years Sofia Vergara has evolved plenty and continues to be a sensation with her curvy figure. Even today the actress looks fantastic and loves to show off her incredible figure.

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She especially enjoys wearing low necklines and barebacked dresses that hug her figure perfectly.  She's always dressed to kill, especially as a judge on America's Got Talent and on any red carpet she steps foot on. 

She usually steps it up a notch, and shows us more neckline, with private snapshots on Instagram. She never misses showing off her swimwear! Sofia Vergara has been and always will be a bombshell