• Emma Watson has a new hairstyle
  • She sports a pixie cut
  • She presents herself at a special event

Emma Watson has often proven that she has the courage to change up her looks. Now she has undergone another extreme transformation.

Emma Watson wows with a pixie hair cut

The actress has once again said goodbye to her long hair and revealed a short pixie cut at an event for Prada, as you can see in the video. Her hair even appears much darker than her usual lighter autumn-colored strands.

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The extravagant hairstyle suits the "Harry Potter" star really well and proves once again that she has great taste. To show off her new hairstyle, Emma also wore an amazing outfit.

Emma appeared in a collared dress, oversized blazer, and strappy high heels. She combined it with eye-catching socks and a shiny purse - from Prada, of course.