• Victoria Beckham looks sexy on the Australian Vogue cover
  • In an interview, she speaks about the criticism of her character
  • The former Spice Girl celebrates her femininity

Victoria Beckham (48) makes jaws drop again. In the latest issue of Australian Vogue, the former Spice Girl can be seen in an unusual look for her.

That Victoria Beckham has great taste in fashion, is no secret. So far, however, she has tended towards the clean, casual look. But for her 29th Vogue cover shoot, she surprises us in sexy lace and shows a lot of skin.

In one of the pictures, Victoria Beckham wears a sheer red top that shows a sexy black bra. In addition, floor-length, transparent, black lace trousers. 

With wild hair and hot eyes, the former "Posh Spice" presents a new, refreshing side that inspires both her followers and stars like Marc Jacobs and Eva Longoria: "I love it" commented Marc Jacobs under one of the sexy photos.

Victoria Beckham stands by her figure and wants to show it off

In another picture, Victoria Beckham poses in an all-black look. But how did this change, which is also reflected in Victoria's fashion line, come about? In an interview with Australian Vogue that accompanies the cover, Victoria Beckham reveals that the women of Miami inspired her:

"There’s definitely a less-is-more attitude to dressing there … literally,[...]. At first, I found it quite shocking and then I found it quite inspiring. The women there celebrate their bodies and their femininity."

After being criticized for a long time by the media for her figure and being called a skeleton, Victoria Beckham went for a simple, almost masculine look that didn't reveal much of her body. But now she doesn't care about the opinions of others and she stands by herself and her figure: "I wanted to celebrate the fact that I’m a woman. And I wanted to stop hiding under clothes."

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We totally agree with her and not only celebrate Victoria Beckham's new look, but also her attitude to do what makes her happy - regardless of the criticism.