• Winnie Harlow is an international supermodel
  • She was on America's Next Top Model 21st cycle
  • She is a Canadian-Jamaican model, although she's currently in the U.S

Winnie Harlow is showing off her body in a custom suit made just for her! While at a star-studded event at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Harlow wasn't afraid to show some skin!

Winnie Harlow shares her beauty secret

How does she always look so good? Well, Harlow shared there's a secret to her constantly glowing skin, and it might not be what you think! The supermodel revealed it's all in her sunscreen!

"Anytime you see me out I stay GLOWING cause I stay in [Cay Skin]," she wrote in her caption. Cay Skin, her skincare line, focuses on SPF protection.

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Harlow launched her skincare line earlier this year and presented the brand's ethos as inclusive of all skin types, an archetype of Harlow's experience with her skin condition, vitiligo.

The brand is vegan, reef safe, silicone-free, and avoidant of fake fragrances. The brand is also oil-based so that it won't leave a blue or white shade on the skin. 

"I was really disappointed that there was nothing on the market that looked gorgeous on the skin, but also was protecting the skin," she said to Forbes earlier this year. 

Sharing how she wasn't allowed to reapply sunscreen during a photoshoot a few years ago in the Bahamas, Harlow revealed she got "so badly burnt" that she needed doctors to come and give her anti-inflammatory medications. 

"It was really traumatic," she said. Now, the model wears her lotions daily! 

You can find Cay Sun products at Sephora.