• Emma Watson surprised with sexy outfit
  • The "Hermione" actress attended the BAFTA Awards
  • Her look is making waves

Emma Watson (31) has gone from a sweet girl to a sexy woman. The British actress proved this on Sunday evening in London. The "Hermoine" actress is as stylish as ever on the red carpet in some recent photos. But especially in the top part of her dress, Emma Watson shows little fabric and a lot of skin.


Emma Watson is super sexy

Emma Watson went for a skimpy piece that really just barely covers the essentials. Of course, the actress had to do without a bra, which would have ruined the whole outfit. In addition, Emma Watson combines a chic blazer and eye-catching sexy over-the-knee boots by Mugler and Jimmy Choo!

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The look is rounded off with natural make-up and Emma proves once again what a fashionista she is.

At the awards ceremony itself Emma Watson, who recently reunited with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, only to be seen as an audience member. We love seeing Emma out and about at red carpet events and we look forward to seeing her shine in her next role!