• New vacation snapshots of Eva Longoria
  • The actress shows off her figure in a bikini
  • Check them out in our video above

Eva Longoria (47) is currently enjoying her break from work and enjoying her best life. On Instagram, she delights fans with an insight into her vacation and inspires many with her fit figure. 

Eva Longoria inspires in a lace-up bikini

The Desperate Housewives star shared some hot snapshots of her on her boat trip, as seen in the video. The actress showed off how great she looked in her little black bikini and wowed everyone with how natural she looks.

After a quick jump in the sea, she wears a pair of chic oversized sunglasses to complete her wet look. A week earlier Eva Longoria also graced us with a look at her enjoying the ocean in a blue bikini and a cute sun hat.

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The actress obviously feels comfortable in her own skin as she shows off the results of her workouts through Insta-Stories. On the trampoline, in the gym, with a trainer, or alone - Eva Longoria loves a great workout. Her pictures prove how much perseverance at the gym pays off. In her mid-40s, she not only looks amazing but also exudes her love of life.