• Hollywood star Nicolas Cage poses for a fan photo
  • He has bright red hair in it
  • The picture goes viral

What happened there? Nicolas Cage (58) shows a whole new side. He recently had his picture taken by a fan who shared the picture on Twitter. The snapshot is jaw-dropping to fans, because the actor has a completely new, slightly crazy look.

Nicolas Cage has bright red hair

Nicolas Cage has bright red hair in the picture. In the caption, the user writes: "Just Nic Cage with new Cherry red hair... ...That's it, that's the Tweet..."

The other fans can't believe their eyes and comment diligently. One doesn't believe the whole thing and even asks if the picture and the hair are real. In response, the photographer posts another photo, this time a selfie with Nicolas Cage, who looked very different when he was young. In the picture, his hair is still red. 

Let's call that a type change! Nicolas Cage himself seems to like the new hairstyle because he is happily grinning in the fan photo. What was the motivation for such a radical transformation?

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