• Here's what Emily Ratajkowski looks like without makeup
  • Ratajkowski has radiant skin
  • She's stunning!

Emily Ratajkowski (32) is a name that resonates with glitz, glamour, and the flash of paparazzi cameras. Known for her sultry appearance in the 2013 hit music video "Blurred Lines," Emily has been the epitome of Hollywood allure. But what happens when the makeup comes off and the spotlight dims?

Women au naturel:

Stripped-down supermodel

In a world where the camera never stops rolling, Emily Ratajkowski's fresh-faced reveal is as bold as her runway walks. Fans were ecstatic to witness Emily Ratajkowski's radiant skin as she revealed her "Date Night Routine" for 'Vogue's Beauty Secrets' video.

The model showcased her natural beauty, appearing without makeup before diving into her beauty regimen.

Emily Ratajkowski

Despite her pivot to podcasting, Emily's modeling career is far from over. She continues to be the face (and body) of her swimwear line, Inamorata Woman. As a Partner and Creative Director for Loops Beauty, she's redefining what it means to be a modern-day muse.

From classic red lips to a daring copper cat eye, Emily has done it all. But in her natural look?  She's just as stunning. It's a move that proves that confidence is the best accessory a girl can wear.