• Did Zac Efron Have Facial Beauty Procedures?
  • These rumors started in 2021
  • Now he clears up the speculation

He is one of the hottest actors of our time! Zac Efron never fails to make us swoon. The former teen heartthrob has gone from being a lanky basketball player in High School Musical, to sexy lifeguard with a six-pack in Baywatch. 

But then in 2021 something odd happened and the actor was suddenly unrecognizable. Fans and critics speculated that he ended up with this massive change due to undergoing Botox, fillers, or beauty surgery

Zac Efron clears up beauty surgery rumors

In an interview with Men's Health Zac comments on the rumors surrounding his appearance. According to the report, his change was a result of him extensively training his jaw muscles

Also Interesting:

In 2013, he had an accident that broke his jaw. Through intensive training, his other facial muscles have also grown as they "work like a symphony“ together.

"They just got really, really big", Efron told Men's Health. The actor heard rumors about his appearance somewhat late, because he has distanced himself from social media.

"If I valued what other people thought of me to the extent that they may think I do,I definitely wouldn't be able to do this."