• Zendaya steals the spotlight in vintage Galliano
  • At Anna Wintour's glitzy pre-Met Gala dinner
  • She looks stunning

Zendaya's choice of attire was nothing short of a fairy tale. The semi-sheer white dress, adorned with pink butterfly embellishments and paired with elegant white heels, whispered tales of 'Haute Bohemia'. Her monochromatic rosy makeup perfectly complemented the floral details of her chic ensemble, while her dark, long manicure added a touch of edgy contrast to her otherwise feminine look. Zendaya's light brunette, collarbone-length bob was styled in a voluminous, bouncy blowout, making her the epitome of glamour as she arrived at Anna's apartment.

Zendaya shines through the rain at Pre-Met Gala dinner

Despite the downpour, Zendaya's spirits were as high as her fashion sense. Greeted by fans as she stepped out of her vehicle, the gracious star took a moment to chat, sign autographs, and even lead the camp of stars out of the event, all without a coat, walking confidently into the rain. Her high spirits and willingness to engage with her fans, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions, only endeared her more to the public and the paparazzi alike.

Zendaya's appearance at the pre-Met Gala dinner was not just a fashion statement but a testament to her status as a fashion icon and a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Her radiant smile and cheerful demeanor as she made her way out of the event spoke volumes of her genuine personality and her ability to shine, come rain or shine.