• The Seekers became a band in 1962
  • The Australian group scored big hits in the '60s
  • This is The Seekers' longevity and the band now 

Every country in every decade has a breakthrough artist or musical group that achieves not only national fame, but international fame as well. For Australia in the 1960s, this group was The Seekers.

The Seekers provided decade after decade of great music

Members of the folk/gospel/pop quartet The Seekers include Judith Durham on lead vocals, Athol Guy on double bass, Keith Potger on twelve-string guitar and Bruce Woodley on guitar and other instruments.

The Seekers were the first Australian pop group to achieve major music chart success in the UK and the US and were subsequently very popular with hits like “Georgy Girl”, “I’ll Never Find Another You” and “Someday, One Day.”

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The group was first founded in 1962 without traditional jazz singer Judith Durham, who joined the group soon after and they quickly had a large following in Melbourne. 

The Seekers took a job in 1964 on a cruise liner to the UK and intended to return home to Australia after finishing, but ended up staying and it was there that they started seriously recording and received well-deserved exposure...

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