Brian May has been dealing with a "truly horrible" case of COVID-19.

The Queen guitarist just opened up about his experience with the disease. He and his wife got it after recently attending a party, and he shared his story to urge caution this holiday season.

Brian May battling "horrendous" case of COVID-19

May, 74, told his story to fans on Instagram. "The shocking day finally came for me," he captioned a photo of a positive COVID testing kit. "It has been a truly horrible few days, but I'm OK," he added.

Brian May Battling "Horrendous" Case Of COVID-19

May admitted that he and his wife have lived "hermit-like" lives during the pandemic, but they decided to attend a recent party with friends. They both felt ill afterward, and they eventually tested positive for COVID-19.

"I had two horrendous days, it was like the worst flu you can ever imagine," May said. For Brian May's full comments on battling COVID-19, please watch the video above.