In 2021 Adele surprised us with her new album, 30, which quickly rose to the top of the charts, especially with her first single, "Easy On Me".

As if this weren't enough, the talented singer premiered her new music video for her song "Oh My God" on Wednesday. 

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"Oh My God": Adele releases new music video With Homage To "Snow White"

The new video, shows the London-born singer on a glamorous stage, in black and white, with a group of dancers. Complete with a real-live horse, the video is an absolute hit with fans everywhere! 

The end of the video is probably the best part, as it shows the singer biting into an apple, making a possible reference to the apple that Disney Princess "Snow White" bites into in her story.

The musical star's physical transformation is also evident in this new video. In recent years Adele has maintained a healthier lifestyle and has lost a lot of weight. 

We are happy to have her back!